Cheap Ikea cycling desk

I picked up a bicycle trainer off Craigslist, a Century Fluid trainer someone else was offloading, and have been enjoying using it for workouts post-baby. It does get boring though, so I built a table that fits over it to hold my laptop. The table had a few non-negotiable requirements: It needed to be sturdy […]


Disney Marathon Weekend Corral Analysis

This is my third set of race stats from the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. If you find this interesting you might want to see my scatter plots of all finishers and histograms of finishing times. Thanks to some help from my friend Will and someone on StackOverflow I’m finally able to run stats by […]

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Scatter Plots!

So my stats / python skills haven’t greatly improved in the last 48 hours, but I did manage to find some fun new ways of displaying the data I already have from the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. I’m trying to break up the racers into their heats (aka corrals) and while I’m having […]

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Disney World Marathon Weekend Results Histograms

Four of my family members and three of my friends ran races during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend this past week(end). Three of us felt correctly placed in our starting corrals,  three of us felt the race was more of an obstacle course of slow-moving people. I started wondering about race stats and while I’m still […]

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Runners, Y’all Are Disgusting

Anyone who has run in an organized race recognizes the flotsam and jetsam of a run: water cups, gel packets, and the occasional item of clothing. While the piles of Gatorade cups can be a little jarring to see, they are more or less working as designed. Runners jog by a water table where volunteers […]


First 6 Mile Run

Training for my upcoming 10k is going really well. I had two new running workouts this week: a day of 8×2 speed work and a steady 6 mile run. Both seemed very intimidating going into them but I did them both. The speed work was hard, I ran fast for two minutes then slow for 2 […]

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Running a 10k for Fairmount Park

I’m really excited to have snagged a bib for the Philly 10k in September! I’ve joined the Fairmount Park Conservancy charity team, and we’re raising money towards the trail restoration project at Belmont Plateau. I’m asking friends and family to support me by donating to the Fairmount Park Conservancy. Click Here to Donate Now For […]

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Bro, do you even lift?

I’ve become a little obsessed with weight lifting. Unlike a lot of other exercise, it has very linear and easy to track data. Whereas running involves complicated variables like pacing and terrain, weight lifting is pretty consistent from week to week so it seems easier to hit a new record in at least one metric. […]

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App / Gadget Round Up

After writing my post on how I use Evernote I realized I actually use a ton of tech to stay motivated and track my exercise progress. What I use slowly changes over time, but here’s what I’m using now: Hardware Fitbit Aria – Body fat scale The Aria is a wifi-enabled scale which automatically logs […]

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One Month Down

After a month of exercising and eating less junk, I’ve lost 6.2 pounds and 2.3 percentage points of body fat. It’s hard to quantify strength, but I am definitely getting stronger. I can now do a few trapeze tricks I had trouble with (in particular, pulling back up to sitting after a crucifix) and I’m […]

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