Questions I have about Stranger Things

Warning: this post contains major spoilers for Stranger Things season 1. If you do not want to know what happens in the series do not read any further!


Superba 1602 Tension Notes

Notes for my own reference, but posting them publicly in case anyone else finds them useful. Cascade Hertitage Silk – Carriage setting 10. Auto tension dial 5. 13 stitches and 16 rows per 2″.

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Well, there goes the afternoon

My coworker showed me a website which lets you easily create animated gifs from your webcam. So yeah if I don’t get anything done today you all know why. PS you can make your own here.

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Boy in the Ivy

I just finished reading Boy in the Ivy, a memoir about buried pain brought into clear focus by the suicide of the author’s brother. It’s a pretty heavy book by all counts – in fact I switched to Game of Thrones when I wanted a break for some lighter fare. But it’s an unusually honest […]

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Voting with one's feet

I want to take a moment to talk about something serious: a terrorist organization. Called the TSA, or Transportation Security Administration. In a country that is so fiercely split along party lines that I sometimes wonder if we’ll make it another 50 years without bursting out into buy cialis a civil war, there is one […]

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Hackers The Movie 15th Anniversary

It’s hard to imagine that 15 years have passed since Hackers came out. It seems like only yesterday we were grimacing through the bad acting and worse “technology” references that Hackers brought to life. Whether you love or hate the movie, everyone can agree that the 15th Anniversary Party is the perfect excuse to dress […]

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Dead Nook

Up until this weekend, I loved my Barnes and Noble Nook. Sure, the B&N digital download store doesn’t have the selection that Amazon does, and the software is slow and bloated, but I love the hardware. It has the potential to be a really nice device. But Barnes and Noble keeps screwing it up. First, […]


Books are dead; Long live books!

My friend Phooky predicts that children born now will grow up with the same attitude towards printed paper books that I, having been born in the 80s, have towards vinyl records. This prediction invariably causes our bibliophile friends to clutch their dead trees close to their chest, screaming “no, that could never happen,” and retreat […]


The Death Cry of an iPod

Since I viagra online in spain moved to New Jersey and stopped biking to, or even going to, an office, I haven’t used my iPod much. For the last year it has languished in a drawer as newer and fancier generations of iPod are released. My iPod’s reluctance to awake from its slumber is by […]

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Sparkfun Free Day

Sparkfun, who sell a variety of electronics doodads, held a cheap real viagra england “free day” wherein they essentially gave a $100 credit to the first $100,000 worth of people who claimed it. It’s was pretty good marketing ploy, with press on all your favorite geek blogs. The promo ran from 9am to 11pm or […]

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