I almost didn’t see them, but this morning I noticed there are two peas hanging from my dwarf sugar pea plant in the windowfarm. Soon I’ll have delicious peas to eat! I’ve made a little headway on my yellowing leaves issue, with the help of my giant hydroponics textbook. It may actually be a nutrient […]

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Building a Better Reservoir

I noticed one of my windowfarm columns was going through a lot more water than the others, and realized that it had a slow leak. I’ve been using Deer Park 1.5 liter water bottles, upside down with a hose mounted in the cap, but the plastic is so thin that every time I touch them […]


Windowfarm Update

I haven’t had a lot of time to dedicate to the windowfarm, between finishing up work projects and getting ready for the baby’s imminent arrival. But I did manage to do some basic upkeep today, and take a few photos. I added a third column, using the same design as column #2. I vastly prefer it to […]


Mysterious Sick Plant

Things are generally going well for my windowfarm. The herbs are starting to look like real plants, and the dwarf sugar peas are going nuts taking over the window. Unfortuantely, one plant isn’t doing so well and I haven’t yet figured out why. The lower leaves have turned yellow and withered. At first I thought […]


Adding a second column to my windowfarm

Yesterday my windowfarm got a second column of plants. Once I understood the basic mechanics of how a windowfarm works, I set out to make column #2 more attractive. Honestly, I’m not sure I succeeded. The second column looks different though, that much is true. Instead of plastic water bottles I used white plastic cups, […]

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Reducing WindowFarm Splash Damage

My hydroponic window farm has been humming along nicely, but I noticed the windows were starting to look a bit gross from all the water splashing from each bottle. It cleans off easily, but is not ideal. I’ve seen other windowfarms which use a short piece of tubing to direct the water, but it seems […]


Windowfarm Hydroponics Version 1

It’s been a few years since I tried any hydroponics, but now that we have a place with nice big windows I’m trying my hand at a windowfarm. Windowfarms are drip planting systems that are set up vertically, making them great for places without a lot of outdoor gardening space. Windowfarms are made from plastic […]