Kellbot’s Big List of Baby Crap

Baby registries. They seem like fun until you realize you have absoutely no clue what you need. There are countless articles written about this topic, and most of them seem to be written by either a) people trying to sell you crap or b) the world’s most intense helicopter parents. Here’s my slightly more practical […]

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In Case You Have a Miscarriage

Occasionally I get questions about my miscarriages that come from a place of “could it happen to me?” They want to know what they can do to not end up in my shoes, or the comfort of knowing I have some sort of extreme weird situation that will never happen to them. But while I […]

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Toddler Closet Organization

It’s my favorite time of year… time for the Container Store elfa sale. This year the closet in my daughter’s room got a makeover. Her closet consisted of hanging organizers from Ikea which were the source of much cursing due  to their poor design and awkward center of balance. I have been planning this closet for […]


Some quick feelings

There’s a lot going on but it’s been really hard to find any time to blog about it, or really update anyone beyond a quick Facebook post.  I don’t really understand how the folks who blog 2-3 times per week (or more!) pull it off. I suggest ghostwriters. Or maybe addictions to 5 hour energy. […]

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SSH Woes with Vagrant, Windows, and AWS

Dumping this here in case anyone has a similar problem. I was trying to use Vagrant to spin up dev boxes on aws. Every time I got to the rysnc part of my day, I got the error “Warning: Unprotected Private Key File, this private key will be ignored.” I googled a bunch and got […]

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World’s Worst Kale Chips

I made kale chips for the first time this week. It seemed simple enough: tear leaves into bite-sized bits, coat in olive oil and salt, bake on a cookie sheet. And for the most part it went as planned. I made two mistakes though: first, I allowed some of the leaves to overlap. This resulted […]

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First 6 Mile Run

Training for my upcoming 10k is going really well. I had two new running workouts this week: a day of 8×2 speed work and a steady 6 mile run. Both seemed very intimidating going into them but I did them both. The speed work was hard, I ran fast for two minutes then slow for 2 […]

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Running a 10k for Fairmount Park

I’m really excited to have snagged a bib for the Philly 10k in September! I’ve joined the Fairmount Park Conservancy charity team, and we’re raising money towards the trail restoration project at Belmont Plateau. I’m asking friends and family to support me by donating to the Fairmount Park Conservancy. Click Here to Donate Now For […]

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Steamed Veggies with Quinoa and Ginger Sauce

When I was in Boston recently my vegetarian friend dragged me to Life Alive, a place so crunchy I thought my husband would run out screaming. I ordered what was basically a giant plate of steamed veggies over quinoa, served with THE MOST AMAZING SAUCE EVER. Oh my god. So delicious. I will eat every […]

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CSA WTF: Rice turkey veggie thing

It’s time for round 2 of CSA WTF! Here’s the first recipe. This week’s CSA brought us: collared greens mustard greens bok choy radishes salad mix a head of lettuce fresh oregano salvia flowers I’m not really sure what to call this dish. It’s based off the filling from a stuffed peppers recipe I like, […]

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