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New Sewing Machine

I picked up a new sewing machine from shopgoodwill.com. It was sort of an accident. A friend linked to a knitting machine for sale (cheap!) and I noticed they have a ton of old sewing machines. Most of them are junk but a few are just solid old machines in need of love. I have […]

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Over on offbeatempire.com we’re using GitHub’s issue tracking as a means for the staff to submit bugs and feature requests. But after years of using Pivotal Tracker, I found GitHub’s issue management to be a little wanting. Thanks to rich APIs from both GitHub and Pivotal there are many third party integrations written between the […]

Anniversary Mario Playthrough

RevolvingDork and I celebrated our two year anniversary, and kept up our quest to play each Super Mario Brothers sidescroller straight through, in order. This year’s game was Super Mario Brothers 2 (SMB2), which came out for the NES in 1988. We played it on the Wii’s virtual console as we sadly don’t have the […]

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We’re heading up to Boston for PAX East and every I manage to forget some Very Important Things so this year I am making a list. Maybe this year I won’t have to make any emergency trips to Best Buy on the way up! There are a number of PAX packing lists, including an “official” […]

Giant Nikkor Lens of Doom

When I was in high school I used my dad’s Nikon F camera a ton. It weighed approximately a million pounds and was twice my age but I loved the hell out of it. I was particularly proud of the fact that it was entirely mechanical and my dad had a huge collection of lenses […]

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Computational Art with Processing

Snapshots of a project I’m working on currently in Processing. I wanted to create drooping clusters of non overlapping circles, kind of like a grape bunch. A random number of smaller child circles are spawned from the parent circle, at random angles from the parent. The spawning function is run recursively until the circles are […]

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Adding Live TV to XBMC

It started simply enough. “I would like to watch the olympics on our main television.” After about an hour of cursing at the tv we gave up and contented ourselves to watch the olympics in the kitchen. We get our TV signal over cable. Although we don’t have a cable TV subscription the broadcast channels […]


Winning the Knitting Machine Lottery

I peek at the Craigslist listings for knitting machines from time to time, but don’t usually see much that strikes my fancy. Most of what’s available consists of overpriced Ultimate Sweater Machines (which are junk at any price). For buying and selling machines, the Ravelry sales group is much better. Last week I came across […]

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SketchUp Models of PCBs

I don’t usually reblog stuff, but this was too neat not to share. The folks at EagleUp have written a plugin to help you generate 3D models of your Eagle boards. This could be handy for designing enclosures, or just feeling like a badass. [Dangerous Prototypes via Make]

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