Lego Sphere Factory

This weekend was spent at RevolvingDork’s parents’ house, which they kindly let us turn into a Lego sculpture factory. We had a total of 12 people over on Saturday attempting to make 15 Lego spheres. Each sphere is about 25cm (10ish inches) in diameter. They follow a pattern I created using Blender and the techniques/scripts […]


Meta Lego Storage

In need of a way to organize and store my Lego obsession, I made a bunch of acrylic boxes which not only hold Legos, but also stack and interlock similarly: Each brick box holds 64+ of the same-shape piece. So the 1×1 box will hold 64 1×1 bricks, and the 2×2 holds 64 2×2 bricks. […]


More Legos From 3D Meshes

I’ve been doing more Lego building from models. This time I made sort of an abstract mushroom tree forest thing. More photos are available on Flickr. Here’s the original model (left) and the resulting cubeified model after running it through AddCells (right): I realized of course that with everything grey, it was very difficult to […]


From Polygons to Voxels to LEGO: A Utah Teapot

It was only after hours of searching that I finally came up with what I was looking for: a way to take a polygon mesh (OBJ or similar) and convert it into a blueprint for building LEGO sculptures. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of tools out there for LEGO CAD. But strangely none […]


My First Lego Ovoids

After ordering a few hundred bricks from bricklink, I started working on what is for now a top secret project. Step one was to practice making spherical and organic LEGO shapes, and I’m pretty happy with the two sphereoids I came up with while catching up on House. PS, Dr House is a huge jerk.

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And another note on LEGO

Another thing that bugged me about the LEGO store… One of the employees was enthusiastically telling us all about LEGO (as employees ought to), and showed us a magazine dedicated to “Adult fans of LEGO” or AFOL.” He then went on to explain that within AFOL is a subgroup, AFFOL or “Adult Female Fans of LEGO,” […]

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Hundreds of LEGO bricks

I’m in need of many, many LEGO bricks for what is currently a SECRET project. This week I went to the LEGO store in Paramus, NJ. It was a bit of a let down, and not really worth the hour of fighting traffic it took to get there. They didn’t have any big tubs o’ […]