Animating build progress on a Minecraft server

My Minecraft server is seeing some use again, and I decided to build a life size model of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I also thought it would be cool to have an animated gif of the build progress as things go. Configuring Overviewer We use Minecraft Overviewer to generate Google-maps style views of our […]

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Anniversary Mario Playthrough

RevolvingDork and I celebrated our two year anniversary, and kept up our quest to play each Super Mario Brothers sidescroller straight through, in order. This year’s game was Super Mario Brothers 2 (SMB2), which came out for the NES in 1988. We played it on the Wii’s virtual console as we sadly don’t have the […]

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My PAX East packing list

We’re heading up to Boston for PAX East and every I manage to forget some Very Important Things so this year I am making a list. Maybe this year I won’t have to make any emergency trips to Best Buy on the way up! There are a number of PAX packing lists, including an “official” […]

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Getting XBMC to work with our Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

This is part two of our home theater PC adventure. If you’ve just arrived you may want to start with part 1, Hello Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver. Hooray, Windows can finally see the controller. We fire up the control panel tool for gaming devices and confirm that all buttons and axes work. We’re just […]


Writing Reviews Isn't All Fun and Games

Actually, it is all games, but it’s not all fun. I’ve been playing and reviewing games for Sparkle Gamer for about a week and a half now. There are 5 full reviews up now, and I’ve even been lucky enough to have a publisher send me some promo copies of new games. If there’s one […]

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Sparkle Gamer: Reviewing Games for Girls

I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but this one was just too ridiculous to pass up. I’ve started a review site for games for girls. Specifically I mean games marketed towards girls. It’s a little tough to explain why I’m doing this. It kills me a little that there […]

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Rainbow Road

At long last, I’ve completed the Rainbow Road on my Minecraft server. If you’re not familiar with Minecraft, this episode of Zero Punctuation sums diflucan free sample it up pretty thoroughly.

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City of Epic Promo Video

In an effort to better explain what City of Epic is, we’ve put together this informative commercial. You could even call it an infomercial! Development continues behind the scenes. It’s been quiet on the blog because we’ve been hard at work! There’s not a ton to see on the site yet, but here’s a sneak […]

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No Starcraft Until Midnight

As is often the case when one pre-orders games, I got my hands on Starcraft a little early. Unfortunately, Blizzard would have none of it: On the plus side, at midnight when the game does go live, I’ll be playing Starcraft II instead of waiting in line at Gamestop. Curiously, SCII comes with two “guest […]

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Every now and then I come across something that I can’t believe someone has taken the time to write. In this case, it’s a DOS emulator for the Nintendo DS, the DSx86. As if there weren’t enough options for extending the DS (homebrew, NES emulation), one man has taken it upon himself to write a […]