Life-Size Katamari Lives

A long time ago, in a galaxy identical to this one, I wanted to make a life-sized Katamari, and use it to play Katamary Damacy on PS2. My friend Eric Skiff shot a video, and while it’s not quite a polished project, I decided it’s time to share it with the world. It uses an […]


Katamari Schematics

Documentation for Katamari is starting to take shape. Still getting the hang of Eagle, but the first version is ready: And the board:

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Na Na Na Katamari

Working on the documentation for my Katamari project… a huge sphere you can use to play the game Katamari Damacy. Here’s a photo of the prototype, taken by Eric Skiff: Working on drawing a schematic / board that other folks can use, Adam is helping me with that part since I’ve never used Eagle before […]

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