Animating build progress on a Minecraft server

My Minecraft server is seeing some use again, and I decided to build a life size model of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I also thought it would be cool to have an animated gif of the build progress as things go. Configuring Overviewer We use Minecraft Overviewer to generate Google-maps style views of our […]

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SSH Woes with Vagrant, Windows, and AWS

Dumping this here in case anyone has a similar problem. I was trying to use Vagrant to spin up dev boxes on aws. Every time I got to the rysnc part of my day, I got the error “Warning: Unprotected Private Key File, this private key will be ignored.” I googled a bunch and got […]

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Project Blinkenpants

Inspired by my friends’ work with the Brooklyn Ballet I decided to make some blinky pants for my student performance with the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. The idea was to create pants that “twinkled” in time with movement. Costumes for aerial silks have some very specific requirements. Outfits must be skin tight as any […]

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Integrating Github Issues with Pivotal Tracker

Over on we’re using GitHub’s issue tracking as a means for the staff to submit bugs and feature requests. But after years of using Pivotal Tracker, I found GitHub’s issue management to be a little wanting. Thanks to rich APIs from both GitHub and Pivotal there are many third party integrations written between the […]

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Computational Art with Processing

Snapshots of a project I’m working on currently in Processing. I wanted to create drooping clusters of non overlapping circles, kind of like a grape bunch. A random number of smaller child circles are spawned from the parent circle, at random angles from the parent. The spawning function is run recursively until the circles are […]

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Adding Live TV to XBMC

It started simply enough. “I would like to watch the olympics on our main television.” After about an hour of cursing at the tv we gave up and contented ourselves to watch the olympics in the kitchen. We get our TV signal over cable. Although we don’t have a cable TV subscription the broadcast channels […]


SketchUp Models of PCBs

I don’t usually reblog stuff, but this was too neat not to share. The folks at EagleUp have written a plugin to help you generate 3D models of your Eagle boards. This could be handy for designing enclosures, or just feeling like a badass. [Dangerous Prototypes via Make]

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Domestic Adventures: Cat 6 Ethernet and Daily Calendars

Things have been quieter over here lately, but busy on Kellbot’s Domestic Adventures, the part of my blog dedicated to home and personal posts. It’s a little tricky to balance what goes where, so for overlap posts I’ll provide a summary. If you’re not reading it, here’s some of what you’ve missed: Wiring for Cat […]

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Our Overkill Home Network

This past week my dad came up from Virginia to help us install high speed ethernet lines throughout the whole house. Not only will this make it easy to set up multiple wireless access points for better coverage, it will also provide a high speed backbone for data throughout the house. In addition to bringing […]


Interior Design Planning

One of the nice things about buying a home that had been built recently is that the original builder’s plans were still available, leftover from when they were trying to sell the development. We got them from the seller and I immediately started modeling the house in Google SketchUp. I followed the technique in this […]

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