Getting XBMC to work with our Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

This is part two of our home theater PC adventure. If you’ve just arrived you may want to start with part 1, Hello Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver. Hooray, Windows can finally see the controller. We fire up the control panel tool for gaming devices and confirm that all buttons and axes work. We’re just […]


Controlling our Home Theater PC with a wireless 360 Controller

We recently set up Xbox Media Center (XBMC) on the computer that’s attached to the TV. XBMC actually has nothing to do with xbox – it was a homebrew media center application for the original xbox that has since been ported to Windows/Linux/Mac/iOS. We’re pretty close to what we feel is the “perfect” setup, but […]


Livescribe Gives Developers Huge F-You

I got an email today from Livescribe announcing the closing of their developer program: As of July 29th, Livescribe will close its third-party developer program. With cloud technology and mobile information access becoming increasingly important to our customers, Livescribe is realigning its focus and resources on cloud access, storage and services. Our recent introduction of […]


Where are the women in tech?

Where are the women in tech? Oh, apparently we’re all out shoe shopping. Google sent out invites to Gilt Groupe*’s early bird sale of Chromebook laptops. I found it difficult to get excited about a $500 laptop boasting nearly the same specs as a netbook I bought for the same price 2 years ago, but I’m […]

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Unbloating my Macbook Air

I got a Macbook Air a few months back. I have a herniated disc in my neck, and needed a laptop I could both carry to work every day and do development on without further destroying my sad spine. While the Asus EEE line is adorable, they’re a little underpowered for doing real work on, […]

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New Flattr Buttons

Diane from Crafty Pod has spent a lot of time talking about the cost of producing free content, and how we can cultivate a supportive environment for it. I’ve seen Flattr buttons all over lately, and never really took the time to look into it. I assumed it was yet another micropayment system, and frankly […]

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Hooked on 'botting

This week I makerbotted for the first time! I know, I know… I should have done this much much sooner. Everything Tiny and Makerbot were actually founded in the same room, the old NYC Resistor location, and it's been really exciting to see things take off for them. But until recently, partly due to the […]

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Becoming a Licensed Ham

We have a number of licensed hams at NYC Resistor, but until recently I never quite understood the draw of ham radio. Honestly, I didn’t see what was so exciting about contacting a random person and telling them their signal strength, maybe along with the weather if you had a good signal. And in a world […]


Got a new pen. Installed Zork on it.

This past week, I picked up a Livescribe pen. I think it’s the most impressive gadget I’ve seen in a long while, though every now and then I have to stop to consider the fact that I carry around a 1 gigahertz computer complete with keyboard and touch interface in my pocket. I remember long ago […]

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Bit Depth Problems with RMagick / ImageMagick

I just spent the entire afternoon debugging a problem I couldn’t find elsewhere, so I’m documenting it in the off chance someone else runs into the evil thing. I’m composing some images on the fly using ImageMagick via RMagic. It grabs one file, floods the image with a given color, and layers another on top […]