Homemade Cast-on Comb

The White/Superba 1602 I purchased sadly did not include a full-bed cast on comb, which makes casting on things wider than swatches somewhat tricky. There are a few floating around eBay, but they all seem to be $50 and/or in France, and shipping a three foot long steel comb from France to the US isn’t […]

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I can stop whenever I want

I don’t have a knitting machine problem, I could quit right now, I swear. While working with my Toyota 747 I decided to try and find a ribber for it, which led me to the Ravelry Knitting Machine Sales group. I did not find a Toyota ribber, but I did find someone in Brooklyn who […]


Knitting Machine Teardown Part 2

After purchasing a fresh sponge bar for the Toyota K747 I started to put it through its paces. It knits stockinette beautifully, so I started working through the tuck stitches. At first I couldn’t get the I and II buttons to stay in place at all. After some disassembly and a lot of oil, we […]


Toyota K747 Knitting Machine Instruction and Service Manuals

When I partially dismantled my K747 knitting machine I wasn’t able to clean it out much because I couldn’t get it completely opened up. I was thrilled to find a copy of the Service Manual as a free PDF, and can’t wait until I have a spare weekend to get in there are de-gunk it. […]


Knitting Machine Teardown

A few years ago I was given a Toyota K747 knitting machine, a gorgeous blue knitting machine that features a punchcard patterning system. It is by all counts a fascinating machine, and I was excited to receive a lace carriage for it today. It’s been a while since I’ve devoted time to the knitting machine […]


Showing off some knitting

I’ve been doing too much work-coding to really get into hacking lately, but I have gotten back into knitting. It’s nice for long bus rides and commutes. Here’s some of what I’ve been working on lately: A festive entrelac hat. It’s neat because it looks like many different yarns, but in fact there’s just one continuous […]

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Hooked on 'botting

This week I makerbotted for the first time! I know, I know… I should have done this much much sooner. Everything Tiny and Makerbot were actually founded in the same room, the old NYC Resistor location, and it's been really exciting to see things take off for them. But until recently, partly due to the […]

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Test Tube Spice Rack

A order cialis 20mg friend of mine had all her spices stolen appropriated when her old roommate moved out. So I made her this spice rack for Christmas: It holds up to 18 test tubes of spices, pre-filled with 12 and each labeled with a suitably scientific sounding abbreviation. Each glass tube holds about 1 […]


Meta Lego Storage

In need of a way to organize and store my Lego obsession, I made a bunch of acrylic boxes which not only hold Legos, but also stack and interlock similarly: Each brick box holds 64+ of the same-shape piece. So the 1×1 box will hold 64 1×1 bricks, and the 2×2 holds 64 2×2 bricks. […]


Craft Room Redux

The craft blogs are full of reorganization photographs. I think it’s a universal: we all trash our workspace during the holiday madness. Only when we dig out in January do we look around and say “oh god I have to do something about this.” Or at least that’s what I did: Uh yeah. There’s cheap […]

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