Workout Routine

My first step towards building more strength and endurance is just to work out more consistently. I find that if I don’t carve out dedicated time in advance I certainly don’t “find” any during the week, so I’ve started waking up earlier so I can get Bitmap to daycare and hit the gym for at least half an hour before starting work.

I’ve been thinking of ways to track my progress that aren’t scale based, and decided to make a silhouette of my current shape see how it changes over time. I guess these are slightly graphic, in the way that a medical illustration of a woman in a bikini could be considered graphic. Apologies for offending anyone’s delicate sensibilities.


I just finished my first week as a bona fide gym member. I did strength work at the gym 3 days, aerials class, hand balancing class, and two runs, plus one day of total rest.

Once I figure out a regular routine I’ll start tracking the weight / reps for my strength training. I’m working with the trainer at my gym to come up with some routines to make sure I’m working all the muscles I need to.



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