Muffin Tin Pancakes

My Pinterest stream is mostly home decor and food. When I saw the photo for these mini german pancakes, I knew they had to be mine.

Photo by Laura of RealMomKitchen

I skipped the orange zest, for lack of an orange, but otherwise made the recipe as written. I used a nonstick muffin pan, but greased it anyway for maximum nonstickness.

The pancakes puffed up in the oven, but I knew it wouldn’t last.


30 seconds out of the heat, the pancakes began slowly collapsing like the Ottoman empire. They actually did a little dance as they deflated and settled back into the muffin cups. It’s possible I did not blend the butter well enough, because each pancake has a little pool of melted butter sitting in the middle. What a delicious problem.


The recipe in the original blog post uses a homemade triple berry compote. Delicious as that sounds, I only have the energy for one cooking adventure in the morning. Instead we used store-bought pastry filling. That’s right, call the food blog police.


As with most of my cooking adventures, they didn’t come out nearly as picturesque as the ones in the recipe photo. I’d like to take this opportunity to blame the lighting, and not my cooking. In a fit of cleaning up I finally removed the stand flash from the living room, so light was a bit hard to come by.


They came out pretty tasty, though in my zeal for getting out all the lumps of flour I managed to over beat the eggs pretty significantly. This made things a little more rubbery than I prefer. The pie filling was a little sweet for my tastes, so next time I’ll just slice up some banana to put on them.

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