Thermal Printer Hacking

 As part of my knucklebuster hacking project, samples of viagra I’ve been working with a portable thermal receipt printer. I picked up a Citizen PD-22 on eBay at a very attractive price, but later realized why it was so attractive: the printer uses a proprietary RS232 cable, and replacements are hard to come by at […]


New Project: Digital Knucklebuster

 I’ve been doing more craft shows recently, and if there’s one thing I really, really hate about them it’s dealing with a knucklebuster. For the uninitiated, a knucklebuster is the little manual credit card imprinter you use when you don’t have access to an electronic terminal. They use pfizer viagra cheap carbonless paper to make […]


Gardening at 1 Month

My home aeroponics project continues to grow. The basil is really taking off, the rest of it… hopefully it’ll get there? Setup #2, the one with the water pump and tubing, is way over watered. Everything is soggy, even cutting back the hours from before. I think it really wants more like 5 minutes every […]


When Will eBook Readers Stop Sucking?

I’m starting to get interested in eBook readers, ones that use E Ink technology. I have a handful of books (technical books, not fiction) that I’d like to slog through to brush up on some rather boring topics, but reading them on a backlit screen is giving me headaches. Amazon’s Kindle 2 has lost the […]


Android: Hello Circle

Note: This article is really old. It is here for posterity only. You should really find a more current tutorial. I’ve been a little frustrated by the lack of Android tutorials. I got a Hello world going, and found that most of the few tutorials I could find were WAY more complicated than what I […]


Garden at Two Weeks

It’s been two weeks since I planted my garden, and the basil is starting to have actual leaves! The oregano is… well, it died. And so I planted more. It’s sprouted, and these sprouts look more lively than the previous ones. I strongly suspect that the culprit was over watering. Why do I suspect this? […]

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Garden #1 Hits Day 7

My first garden, the airstone powered one, is now a week old! The basil seems to be pretty happy, all three pods sprouted (and 5 of the 6 seeds came up). I’ll thin them to one plant per pod once they get a little taller. The oregano on the other hand is not happy. I […]

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Sowing Garden #2

Today I sowed the seeds in garden #2, which is the first one I started on. It uses an aquarium water pump, 1/2″ tubing, and spray nozzels. I’m not really happy with it. I managed to order the wrong spray nozzels (again), and the ones I got spray a fine mist, but straight out instead […]

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First Planting!

I’m still waiting for some parts to come in for the garden I was working on in my last post. But in my research I found another, much simpler way to set up an aeroponic garden. Since I already had most of the necessary parts, I decided to try it out. Rather than use a […]

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Gardening Gets Underway

Today I started collecting things for my DIY Aerogarden, and testing out spray set ups. Here’s what I found: 106 GPH pump I started my search at a local aquarium store, New World Aquarium at 38th and 3rd. It cost a little more than it would have online, but the salesperson actually knew things about […]