DIY Aeroponics

Garden at Two Weeks


It’s been two weeks since I planted my garden, and the basil is starting to have actual leaves!
The oregano is… well, it died. And so I planted more. It’s sprouted, and these sprouts look more lively than the previous ones. I strongly suspect that the culprit was over watering. Why do I suspect this?

IMG_0249Oh I don’t know, maybe it’s the algae that’s growing on a few of the pots. That’s right, algae. On top of my growing medium (rockwool). I’m gonna take that as a sure sign that the whole thing is just a bit too soggy. So I’ve moved the pump onto the same timer strip as the lights, meaning it will now be on for about 16 hours a day instead of 24. Hopefully this will give things enough time to dry out.

Three of the 5 lettuce pods have popped up, but they aren’t doing much, so I think they may be suffering from overwatering as well. We’ll see if a little less saturation helps them perk up.

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