Register for the 48 Hour Hackathon!

Don't viagra prescription forget to register for the hackathon! It's totally free, but we're asking folks to sign up so we can get an idea of how many people to expect! NYC Resistor's first 48 hour hackathon will run from 6pm Friday, Feburary 12 to 6pm Friday, February 14. At the end of the hackfest […]

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Parts Vending Machine

I've been slowly (very slowly) setting up a small store at Resistor to carry electronics parts and prototyping tools, since there aren't any retail stores in town pfizer viagra cheepest prices where you can pick up an Arduino RIGHT NOW. While ordering parts and figuring out where it will all go, I had a vision: […]


Kindle vs Nook: 5 minute review

Tonight at Resistor someone came in brandishing a Nook, so of course we all crowded ’round to see if what we’d read was true. Was it really painfully slow? How does it look? Will it crush the Kindle with its bare hands when B&N finally get their supply chain straightened out? I am not an […]

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Last month I finally got around to joining Zipcar. I’d thought about it for years, but took the plunge when I was trying to find a doctor who took my health insurance. Most of them were sale of viagra in Deep Northern Jersey ™, and really needed a car to get to. Today I took […]


Etsy API Fail – Well, Ok maybe not.

I’m working on a new project which uses Etsy’s API. As far as APIs go, theirs is pretty neutered. There’s no user authentication whatsoever so the only data you can get from it is what’s available to the general public. Since you can’t authenticate, you certainly can’t write any data, so things like allowing users […]


Intro to Algorithms, success!

Thanks everyone who came out to Intro to Algorithms this past Sunday, we had way more turnout that I was expecting! About 15 people in all.  We'll be picking up the course again this week on Sunday at 5. It's OK if you missed last week, just watch lecture 1 at home and take a […]

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Sweet Classes at NYCR

Right now there is a super sweet list of classes coming up at NYCR, so many I wish I had the time to take them all. I’m teaching my standby Intro to PHP class again, and also trying out a new one: Designing with QCAD. QCAD is used for 2D drawing, and is 50mg viagra […]

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Introduction to Algorithms at NYCR

What’re you doing Sunday evening? Nothing? Come down to NYC Resistor where starting this weekend we’ll be working through the Introduction to Algorithms course available through MIT’s OpenCourseWare project. What’s OpenCourseWare? MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a […]


Most Useful CS Classes?

One thing that’s clear about my quest for higher education is that I’m going to need some undergraduate level classes to fill in the holes of my self-taught education. I’ve been looking through course catalogs for various programs to get an idea of what I’m missing, but it’s hard to tell what would be valuable […]


Thermal Printer Success!

 Success! I’ve managed to print to the thermal printer by sending commands over my homemade connector cable in HyperTerminal.  There were a few breakthroughs which helped me get to this point. On the off chance they might answer, I asked the manufacturer for the pinout information for the serial port on the PD-22. Not only […]