My First Lego Ovoids

After ordering a few hundred bricks from bricklink, I started working on what is for now a top secret project. Step one was to practice making spherical and organic LEGO shapes, and I’m pretty happy with the two sphereoids I came up with while catching up on House. PS, Dr House is a huge jerk.

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Now that I have a few more runs worth of data, I was able to pick a little bit of information out of the miCoach binaries. There are 40 EXRCS001.BIN files on the device (after the data has been unpacked), each one corresponding to an individual workout. This means you can store up to 40 […]


Extracting + Graphing Wii Fit data

In preparation to tinker with the miCoach data, I started with some better-travelled exercise bits: WiiFit body test data. Starting with Jansen Price’s excellent blog post on the subject, I slowly worked through the data and wrote a python script to interpret the binaries and save them to a CSV. By using the excellent flot […]


Exercise + Gadget Lust

I have to give Adidas credit where credit is due. They’ve managed to tie a $140 upsell to a pair of shoes I bought for $55. It’s no secret that I, like many nerds, suffer from gadget lust. When I see a new gadget, my thought process goes something like: “Oh that’s so neat… but […]


And another note on LEGO

Another thing that bugged me about the LEGO store… One of the employees was enthusiastically telling us all about LEGO (as employees ought to), and showed us a magazine dedicated to “Adult fans of LEGO” or AFOL.” He then went on to explain that within AFOL is a subgroup, AFFOL or “Adult Female Fans of LEGO,” […]

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Hundreds of LEGO bricks

I’m in need of many, many LEGO bricks for what is currently a SECRET project. This week I went to the LEGO store in Paramus, NJ. It was a bit of a let down, and not really worth the hour of fighting traffic it took to get there. They didn’t have any big tubs o’ […]


Manga on the B&N nook

The main reason I chose the B&N nook over the Kindle when I bought an ebook reader was the fact that the nook supports PDF and Epub. While the nook’s PDF support is really only suited for text, it doesn’t do a very good job with graphs and images, I find that I can convert most […]


Importing Data from Magento to PrestaShop

Today I gave up on Magento. It’s a powerful piece of software but it’s still pretty rough around the edges, and the UI and architecture makes it a pain to dive in and debug if something goes wrong. It’s built on Zend, so someone who has spent more time with Zend than I have would […]


Tutorial: Writing a TCP server in Python

During the last 12 hours of the hackathon I decided to write a TCP server for an old project I want to finally finish. I decided to write it in Python, mostly because my friend Adam likes Python and Adam would inevitably be the one answering my questions when I got stuck. I should mention […]


Exploding Capacitors

When I went to boot up an old computer which had sat dormant since I moved in April, nothing happened. No lights, no whirring, nothing. I assumed it was a bad power supply, and left it for another day. Over the weekend my boyfriend got sick of seeing it out, guts exposed to the world, […]