Princess Bubblegum Hat

The toddler is Princess Bubblegum for Halloween this year, and I got a BMO dress off of Think Geek. For the record, Princess Bubblegum is pretty much the only princess I’ll ever allow. I used a pink dress she already had in her closet, and made a quit hat with some fleece I’ve had in my […]

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Some sewing projects

I’ve done a little bit of sewing lately, nothing too crazy but a few new projects. We got a wagon seat from my parents, it was my mom’s in college, and are using it for a toy box. It’s so nice to have all the toddler toys away. The cushion for it was a little sad […]

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Project Blinkenpants

Inspired by my friends’ work with the Brooklyn Ballet I decided to make some blinky pants for my student performance with the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. The idea was to create pants that “twinkled” in time with movement. Costumes for aerial silks have some very specific requirements. Outfits must be skin tight as any […]

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Sweater Finished

One of my goals before going on vacation was to finish the sweater I’d been working on, so I wouldn’t have to lug a sweater to Florida. I’m happy to say I succeeded! The pattern is called Antler Cardigan by Tin Can Knits. I knit it out of Ella Rae Classic Superwash. It took about […]

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Making Toddler Clothes

I put my new sewing machine through its paces making some clothes for Bitmap. I like making toddler clothes a lot better than making adult clothes, because all the pieces of fabric are so small! No wrestling many yards of fabric on my floor, and I can make a dress with 1/2 yard of fabric. […]


New Sewing Machine

I picked up a new sewing machine from It was sort of an accident. A friend linked to a knitting machine for sale (cheap!) and I noticed they have a ton of old sewing machines. Most of them are junk but a few are just solid old machines in need of love. I have […]


DIY Needlepoint Ornament Finishing

Many people pay to have their needlework sent out and turned into ornaments. “How hard could it be to do it myself?” I wondered. The answer: not very. With a little practice, I think I could get very professional looking results.


Billington Bag Knit-Along with The Tangled Web

I’m organizing the Billington Bag Knit-Along with a local yarn store, The Tangled Web. It’s a felted bag that’s fully lined, and I finished the knitting yesterday. It came out super huge, but I think a lot of that will felt down in the wash. We have a front loading washing machine so I’m a […]

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Striped Baby Cardigan

I knit this for a friend of mine’s baby, and my daughter was kind enough to model it for me. It uses the Little Coffee Bean Cardigan pattern, which is a free Ravelry download. I modified the stripe pattern a bit to give it a sort of stained glass motif. Each color block is 6 […]


Sick Baby

Poor Bitmap has a cold, she’s been bringing them home from daycare on a regular basis. Which means that I’ve also had a cold pretty much nonstop for the last month. This one has hit her the hardest, she spent most of yesterday snoozing.   I did finally get around to making her a new […]

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