World’s Worst Kale Chips

2014-06-18 12.49.53

I made kale chips for the first time this week. It seemed simple enough: tear leaves into bite-sized bits, coat in olive oil and salt, bake on a cookie sheet. And for the most part it went as planned.

I made two mistakes though: first, I allowed some of the leaves to overlap. This resulted in them just coming out oily and gross anywhere there was overlap. But more importantly: I did not measure my salt. I “eyeballed” it. And I ended up with something that is better suited as slug killer than a food.

I tried eating them but they were just too salty. After a few days I gave up and threw them out, not having any slugs in need of killing.

The rest of this week’s CSA usage was pretty uninspired: more steamed veggies with ginger sauce and saag. Both are easy ways to use veggies that require very little planning. I’ve vowed to try a new recipe with our next share.

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