Top 10 (or 6) Apps for the Tmobile G1

Last week I finally broke down and got a G1. Of course since I ordered it over the phone to get the maximum sweetest discount it had to be shipped, and just got here yesterday. I spent most of the day playing with it, although I did somehow managed to get 60+ Tinysaurs packed in […]


Nuts Fear Humans

I’ll spare you the business pontification today to share this sign, spotted at a Dunkin Donuts on Willoughby St. If you can’t read blurrycam (thanks, phone) it reads: WARNING! Nuts and Coconuts have serious allergen reaction to some persons So be considerate of the nuts and coconuts out there and don’t ingest them if you […]


You Know What You Should Do…

Lately it seems like the phrase I hear more often than any other is “You know what you should do…” followed by a suggestion for my business. Or one of my friends’ businesses. I highly discourage anyone from starting a sentence with that phrase, especially when you are talking to a friend who is trying to […]


Packing Packing Packing

In a little over three weeks I’ll be moving from my apartment in Brooklyn to Jersey City, NJ. This is relatively new information, until recently I’d planned to move at the beginning of June. But plans change and now I’m moving the last weekend in April. Hooray! I hate packing. I hate packing a lot. […]


Quit My Day Job

Etsy has this series called Quit Your Day Job where they interview sellers who left the 9-5 world to craft full time. And yesterday they had a live Virtual Labs chat with one of the quitters. As someone who has left the stable comfort of a regular paycheck  I’m really interested in talking with other […]


Packaging Evolution

My packaging has been through a number of iterations since the first Tinysaur was shipped. The first was an “Oh no I need packaging” sort of thing, where I haphazardly went to Duane Reade to pick up the least boring paper I could find – which turned out to be construction paper. I ran the […]

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PHP Templating with mod_rewrite

There are lots of different methods of implementing design templating in PHP and I pretty much hate them all. So I came up with a new one, which may not be better than the others but at least it’s different. The template markup is stored all in one file, creatively titled template.php. For organization I stuck […]

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Not Yo Momma’s Craft Fair

I spent Saturday vending at Not Yo Momma’s Craf t Fair, and event held at LITM, a bar in Jersey City. It was my first show by myself in two years, and also the organizers’ first craft fair. The show was interesting, to say the least. Traffic was good and we ended up staying an […]

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This week’s topic at weeklyblogpost is ‘free.’ I usually am not a fan of writing prompts because they give me flashbacks to grade school, but somehow I’m ok with the ambiguous one-word topics. Lately I’ve been trying to calculate the cost of free. Specifically in the stuff I give out to promote my business, Tinysaur. […]

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Spelling Fail

Here’s a short reminder in why you should have someone else proofread your marketing copy. Because after staring at the design for hours, you’re probably going to miss things. Important things. Large things. Like the fact that you’ve misspelled the word “Butterfly” on all your packaging. Note that the yellow “actual size” sticker version (with […]