Weight Hacking

I was dismayed recently to find my WiiFit calling me fat. Yes, it actually said (in its squeaky little voice) “that’s overweight.” While I’m not in the habit of letting an $80 plastic washboard dictate my lifestyle, my pants agreed. They said “lose 5 pounds or buy new pants.” Since I’m self-employed and like designer […]


Learning Android (or, not)

Wednesday night some friends and I sat down armed with our G1s and laptops to write some code for Android. If you haven’t looked at Android yet, it’s got this whole Java framework you get to learn on top of your rusty Java. It’s been about two years since I even looked at any Java, […]


My Pom Pom Collection

It’s OK to be jealous. I’d organize some sort of “guess how many pompoms” contest, but I emphatically do not want to count them.

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Getting Legit

Today was spent filling out forms, paying fees, and otherwise transforming Everything Tiny from a fly-by-night sole proprietorship to a legitimate LLC. I’ve waited until this long for a couple reasons…. for one I’m moving to New Jersey on Sunday, and it seemed stupid to set everything up in New York just to have to […]


Managing Wholesale Accounts

Wholesale accounts are great. You move a ton of product with minimal effort compared to retail sales, and if things go well you’ll have a nice steady stream of repeat business. When I first started wholesaling I realized I was going to need a better way of keeping track of orders and payments than just […]

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Spring Bada-Bing Recap

Sara and I got back from Spring Bada-Bing late last night. All in all I’d say it was a good show! We’re a little exhausted, and things didn’t always go quite as smoothly as we’d planned, but we still had a good time and made some good sales. We couldn’t have asked for a better […]

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I’m so tired I forgot to title this.

I’m not kidding. I originally published this article sans title. This past week has been brutal. I’ve been getting ready for the craft show and my move to Jersey, and it’s been uphill. Things are mostly running smoothly now, but I’m tired. I just saw that it’s 9:45 and thought really? It’s only 9:45? Feels […]

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Burning Out

A couple years ago I worked at a scooter shop. Not a lame electric wheel-around-the-grocery-store thing, but vintage gas powered two-stroke oil burning Vespas. And among many other things we did there, we held a rally which had a burnout contest. If you are not familiar with burnouts, its when you manage to keep the […]


Top 10 (or 6) Apps for the Tmobile G1

Last week I finally broke down and got a G1. Of course since I ordered it over the phone to get the maximum sweetest discount it had to be shipped, and just got here yesterday. I spent most of the day playing with it, although I did somehow managed to get 60+ Tinysaurs packed in […]


Nuts Fear Humans

I’ll spare you the business pontification today to share this sign, spotted at a Dunkin Donuts on Willoughby St. If you can’t read blurrycam (thanks, phone) it reads: WARNING! Nuts and Coconuts have serious allergen reaction to some persons So be considerate of the nuts and coconuts out there and don’t ingest them if you […]