One kitten forward, three kittens back

On Tuesday morning we took our foster kitten Vader back to Liberty Humane Society. At over 2 lbs he was ready to be fixed and adopted out. He seems to be completely recovered from his surgery and was climbing all over his cage like a monkey. The shelter staff said his size and personality should make him quick to adopt, viagra pills for sale and they’re probably sending him over to Petsmart on Saturday for the weekly adoption event.

Today I went by the shelter in the morning to volunteer, and uh, ended up bringing home three more kittens.
A litter!
I didn’t mean to, really!

There was a lot of cat shuffling going on as there are more cats than places to put them. It’s like a game of cat tetris seeing which cats can tolerate sharing a cage, who needs a big cage and who needs a small one, who dumps their water on the cage below them, and who will steal food from the cage next to them. At the end of the tetris shuffle there was a box of kittens without a good place. After a hard sell from the shelter staff (which was totally unnecessary as I was already weak from missing Vader) Chris and I are fostering them until Thanksgiving.

I think I’ve become a cat lady.

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