Liveblogging a Comic Con

Today and tomorrow I’m selling Tinysaurs at King Con, a comic and animation convention in Brooklyn. Unlike other shows I’ve done this year, I have neither my intrepid booth-mate Sara nor my faithful sherpa boyfriend Chris to keep me company. It’s just me sitting at my booth, trying not to go stir crazy (things are a little slow so far).

I’ve been twittering but at this rate I’m not going to have any followers left if I keep updating my status every 10 minutes. So instead I’m liveblogging the event. If you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I’m busy making zillions of dollars or have become unconcioous. Or both.

10:45 Most people are set up at this point. What’s surprising is how many tables are completely empty. Not sure if they’re no shows or just running late. There’s clearly a community similar to the craft show vendors. Lots of milling about, chatting, and catching up. A few people stop by and mention that they’ve seen my stuff on The Internet(tm).

11:22 First sale, a belt buckle and a belt.

12:05 A  small child with curly hair comes up to my booth. He points at the large stegosaurus model. “Is that a dinosaur?” he asks. “Yes,” I reply. “Is it made of something?” Why yes, yes it is made of something.

1:23 Sales are pretty good. Traffic isn’t super heavy but lots of folks are interested in my stuff. One thing has become clear: I don’t have enough large belts. I stock mostly mediums because that’s what sells best at craft shows. Guys are bigger. Ergo, bigger belts.

4:40 It turns out there’s not a whole lot to blog about, live or otherwise. Traffic is steady, sales are decent. Not earth shattering, but solid. I’m hungry and tired, but without someone to watch my booth I’m pretty much stuck here. And since it costs admission to get in I can’t easily get someone to bring me some food. Clearly a lack of planning on my part.

5:33 Found out there’s a cafe upstairs in this building, and got someone to watch my stuff for a few minutes while I grabbed a snack. First time I’ve left the booth since I got here at 10am. I was torn between the pumpkin muffin and the apple muffin, but now I’m wishing I’d grabbed both. Or better yet, a hot dog. Not that they sell hot dogs at that cafe, this is much too classy a place for that.

I know, this is riveting stuff.

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