Putting it all back

The shelving is up (pictures forthcoming), and I’m now replacing the contents of the closet. For the most part it was easy; the huge pile of stuff has dwindled to just a few errant boxes of flotsam and jetsam. But this last little bit is taking forever. Almost like zeno’s paradox, each box I sort […]

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Closet Saga, now with primer!

I’ve got the first coat of primer on the closet wall. It’s tinted to match the paint. I’ll let it dry for the rest of the afternoon, and possibly overnight since I have plans this evening. So, before I ripped out huge chunks of drywall from my closet, I did a lot of planning. Ultimately […]


Closet Saga, Part 1

My closet reorganization project has turned into more than I bargained for. What was supposed to be a one-day fix is a week long event of drywall, paint, and cursing. On the plus side, my closet should look lovely when I’m done.

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Geek Chic Dining Table

One of our big purchases when we finally closed on our house (besides, uh, the house) was a proper dining room table. We’d been using a folding table from Ikea, and had fallen in love with the gaming tables from Geek Chic¬†at PAX East. We ordered an Emissary table in January and were told they […]

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Coming Clean

Commenter Tim asked how I keep the house so clean, especially in light of having a baby. I’ll tell you: I cheat. I almost always do a quick pick-up of a room before taking a photo, and usually only even think to do a house-related post when the house is in a semi-presentable state. In […]


Weekend projects

We had our first free weekend in a while so we took some time to tackle stuff around the house. First, we cleaned out the garage and washed the car! I don’t have a picture of that, because I am a bad blogger. Also, I was busy washing the car. Immediately after we finished washing […]


Built-in Bookcases by Ikea

RevolvingDork and I have completed our first DIY home improvement project together: built in bookcases for our living room. It was only a little nerve wracking to coordinate on a project where neither of us really knew what we were doing. We used Billy Bookcases, closely following the example from Centsational Girl’s blog. After trying […]


Installing a Modular Rug

We used the Flor modular rug system in our TV room, which is made up of individual carpet squares you assemble yourself. Each square is 20 by 20 inches. On the underside of each intersection is a small sticker which holds the pieces together. The rubbery backing on the carpet squares keep them from sliding […]


On Home Decor Trends

“The Restoration Hardware catalog = going over to the home of Howard Hughes, if he were a giant robot & married to a gay solider from WWII.” – Millie De Chirico I know I’ve been looking at home decor catalogs too much lately, because when I read this I laughed so hard I started hyperventilating. […]

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Wiring the House for Ethernet

The biggest part of setting up our home network was wiring the house for ethernet. There were two basic phases: running the wire through the walls, and then terminating/testing each wire to make sure it was set up correctly. We hired a family friend who is an electrician to run the wires, and then terminated/tested […]