Too Long for Twitter

My friend Adam said something which is too long for twitter or Facebook, but realy to excellent to be confined to my inbox. We were discussing the topics of the upcoming Ignite NYC, and how it’s become (always was?) a bit… buzz-wordy. Ignite is leveraged to provide out-of-the-box solutions for thinking outside of the box! […]

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Lased: Miniature Embroidery Hoops

I spent a decent portion of yesterday on the laser, prototyping a tiny embroidery hoop for (duh) tiny embroidery. I’m pretty happy with the results. So much in fact that I’ve decided to start offering tiny embroidery kits along side my tiny dinosaur kits. The embroidery hoop is made from laser cut acrylic, and the […]


Rainy Day Crafts

Today is gross and rainy. I’ve spent most of it working, which as you can imagine is tons of fun. While packing up some tiny glass jars for Tinysaurs I decided to take a break and make a tiny display of my own. I had some tiny 1cm paper cranes left over from when I […]


Dear Businesses: Get off Twitter

< div class=”zemanta-img” style=”margin: 1em;”> … and back on to customer support. Twitter has become a necessity for reputation management. Don’t want people to talk crap about you on Twitter? Use it to respond to all the naysayers and whiners! Nip those problems in the bud! Twitter is so great, you can interact directly with […]

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Well, I Suppose It's Official…

… I am going full-time with my startup. In a moment, I’ll tell you what it is, but in the meantime, let’s look at how I got here: At any given point I have probably a dozen half-finished and half-baked projects lying around. Some of these are business ideas, some of these are just projects […]

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Zahra's Paradise

For the past month I’ve been doing some freelance with First Second, working on a website for an upcoming comic book. It’s called Zahra’s Paradise and we launched today. I’m amazed at how much traffic we’ve had in the nine hours since the site went live. So far we’ve blown through about two gigs of […]

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Keeping Your Startup Organized

In the few days since my post on finding a co-founder I have, to my surprise, found a co-founder! It’s funny how things work out like that. My co-founder, Katherine, has actually been a friend of mine for a while. So unfortunately I don’t have any sage advice for those still on the hunt for […]


Finding a cofounder

When you’re looking to start a company, how do you find a cofounder? I have an idea I’m trying to build into a company, but need a partner on it to stay focused and keep at it. It’s just too big to do by myself. I’ve been trying to think of aquaintences on either the […]


Luddism for Fun and Profit

One of the things I’m doing this January is revamping how I handle shipping. Which means investing in a little bit of hardware. I picked up a nice USB postage scale to replace the food scale I’d been using. Aside from more precise measuring, it interfaces with my shipping software to automatically enter the correct […]

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Oh look, jewelry!

Things have been quiet here because I haven’t been doing much hacking; mostly I’ve been shipping things. Hello, busy retail season. Somehow in all this selling madness I found time to eek out a new line. A line of jewelry, none the less! For those of you who don’t know, I actually got my degree […]

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