Zahra's Paradise

For the past month I’ve been doing some freelance with First Second, working on a website for an upcoming comic book. It’s called Zahra’s Paradise and we launched today. I’m amazed at how much traffic we’ve had in the nine hours since the site went live. So far we’ve blown through about two gigs of bandwidth. Not bad for a site that’s less than a day old.

Of course it helps that it was picked up by a few local newspapers and blogs.

The project has been interesting for a few purchase cheapest viagra different reasons. First, it’s being simultaneously published in 7 different languages. 7. More than anything else it’s a logistical challenge to communicate with a dozen different people each speaking a few of the languages. I think by the end I was emailed 4 different copies of the Farsi version by various people. I had to be very careful to keep the Farsi and Arabic files separate, because I admittedly can’t distinguish them very well. Side by side I can see some clear differences (Farsi is more curvy looking) but looking at single words I’m hopeless. Getting the software to play nice with both the comic plugin and the language plugin was also tricky. Not so much difficult as “fiddly.”

Reading the comments I feel like I can tell who came from BoingBoing, they’re the ultimate Unimpressable Connosoirs. They have useful comments like “no one who prays would keep alcohol in the house!” Uh ok, whatever dude.

It’s an interesting and well written comic, so seriously check it out.

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