WordPress Post Inserts Are Super Slow

Logging another one of my “weird wordpress problems” here. We use a plugin called Buddypress Private Checklist to offer wedding to-do lists to our members on the Offbeat Bride Tribe. It was written many years ago by our old developer, and I’ve been vaguely maintaining it in our open source plugin repo on git. But […]


Animating build progress on a Minecraft server

My Minecraft server is seeing some use again, and I decided to build a life size model of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I also thought it would be cool to have an animated gif of the build progress as things go. Configuring Overviewer We use Minecraft Overviewer to generate Google-maps style views of our […]

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SSH Woes with Vagrant, Windows, and AWS

Dumping this here in case anyone has a similar problem. I was trying to use Vagrant to spin up dev boxes on aws. Every time I got to the rysnc part of my day, I got the error “Warning: Unprotected Private Key File, this private key will be ignored.” I googled a bunch and got […]

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Bit Depth Problems with RMagick / ImageMagick

I just spent the entire afternoon debugging a problem I couldn’t find elsewhere, so I’m documenting it in the off chance someone else runs into the evil thing. I’m composing some images on the fly using ImageMagick via RMagic. It grabs one file, floods the image with a given color, and layers another on top […]


LEGO plans, now with better rendering

You may remember the “Legoizer” script I’ve been working on for Blender. It uses an existing script and one I’ve created to generate “layers” of LEGO patterns for building. I got a lot of great suggestions on my last entry for how to automate the process of taking a screenshot, but sadly when it came […]

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Faking Blog Integration With XMLRPC and Ruby

I’m rebuilding indiecraftshows.com in RoR, but the blog will stay on WordPress. The rails app will be hosted on Heroku, and the blog will stay where it is at NearlyFreeSpeech.net. There’s one catch: I want the latest blog post to appear on the home page, which is part of the rails app. To do this […]


Fixed: WordPress MU Uploaded Image Display Issues

Just a quick fix for something I couldn’t discount cialis without prescription find earlier: If you’re on shared hosting which has PHP’s safe_mode enabled, you may run into problems with uploading images. Specifically, you can upload images just fine (assuming you’ve configured uploads correctly) but can’t see uploaded files. This is the case on NearlyFreeSpeech.Net […]

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Extracting + Graphing Wii Fit data

In preparation to tinker with the miCoach data, I started with some better-travelled exercise bits: WiiFit body test data. Starting with Jansen Price’s excellent blog post on the subject, I slowly worked through the data and wrote a python script to interpret the binaries and save them to a CSV. By using the excellent flot […]


Importing Data from Magento to PrestaShop

Today I gave up on Magento. It’s a powerful piece of software but it’s still pretty rough around the edges, and the UI and architecture makes it a pain to dive in and debug if something goes wrong. It’s built on Zend, so someone who has spent more time with Zend than I have would […]


Tutorial: Writing a TCP server in Python

During the last 12 hours of the hackathon I decided to write a TCP server for an old project I want to finally finish. I decided to write it in Python, mostly because my friend Adam likes Python and Adam would inevitably be the one answering my questions when I got stuck. I should mention […]