Etsy API Fail – Well, Ok maybe not.

I’m working on a new project which uses Etsy’s API. As far as APIs go, theirs is pretty neutered. There’s no user authentication whatsoever so the only data you can get from it is what’s available to the general public. Since you can’t authenticate, you certainly can’t write any data, so things like allowing users […]


Most Useful CS Classes?

One thing that’s clear about my quest for higher education is that I’m going to need some undergraduate level classes to fill in the holes of my self-taught education. I’ve been looking through course catalogs for various programs to get an idea of what I’m missing, but it’s hard to tell what would be valuable […]


Android: Hello Circle

Note: This article is really old. It is here for posterity only. You should really find a more current tutorial. I’ve been a little frustrated by the lack of Android tutorials. I got a Hello world going, and found that most of the few tutorials I could find were WAY more complicated than what I […]


Adam Mayer explains pointers to art students

I don’t have a background in CS. In fact I got my degree in Crafts. Yes, you can get a degree in Crafts. And I have one. Most of my programming skills are self-taught, which is fine most of the time but occasionally gets me into trouble. Recently I learned about pointers the hard way, […]


Python library for generating DXF files

I’ve gotten a little frustrated with the limitations of using Processing to generate PDFs for laser cutting. Primarily, there’s no support for “hairline” thickness lines, which add an extra step to getting things ready to lase, and there’s no way to separate lines into different layers so it can be hard to work with the […]

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Hm it’s been a while since I’ve posted, been busy with a lot of boring, non-hacking stuff. Travesty! But here’s something vaguely interesting: Often when I’m writing a bunch of PHP I want to be able to see the MySQL queries its generating. Usually I just comment out the mysql_query() and replace it with an […]

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