Hm it’s been a while since I’ve posted, been busy with a lot of boring, non-hacking stuff. Travesty! But here’s something vaguely interesting:

Often when I’m writing a bunch of PHP I want to be able to see the MySQL queries its generating. Usually I just comment out the mysql_query() and replace it with an echo. But sometimes that’s annoying, or I want to check multiple queries at once and don’t feel like switching them back and forth all the time.

I wrote a quick function called mysql_awesome_query(), which will either execute or echo a query depending on whether it’s a SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE/DROP.

//1 is run, 0 is echo sql
$flags = array(

function mysql_awesome_query($sql){
$flags = $GLOBALS['flags'];

$result = mysql_query($sql);
return mysql_error();
} else {
return $result;
} else {
echo $sql;
return false;

The $flags global variable is an array of settings for which types of queries to execute, based on the first letter of the query string. MySQL conveniently doesn't have a lot of overlap there.
When mysql_awesome_query() is executed it checks the first letter of the query and if the corresponding array value is 1, it executes it and returns either a result or a mysql error. If it's 0, it simply echos the query so you can review it.

I'm sure there are more elegant ways to do this, but this was quick and dirty and works for my purposes.

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