City Of Epic Kickstarter Campaign!

My friend Katherine and I have been working like crazy on a game project for the last few months, and we’re thrilled with what we’ve accomplished so far. Now, we’re trying to bring it to an open beta while making it as fantastic as possible. We’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to get us there. City […]

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Pivotal Tracker

I just finished up my third week at SkillSlate. For anyone who missed my last post about it, it’s a directory of handymen, personal trainers, and other service providers. Right now it’s just in New York City, but that will change soon. SkillSlate uses Pivotal Tracker for task management. At this point I have used […]


Big Changes Ahead

The past week has been eventful, to say the least. I’m excited to announce that starting in August I’ll be joining the team at, working with their development team to launch the next version of their site. SkillSlate is a company that focuses on connecting freelancers and independent contractors with clients. Having spent the […]


Well, I Suppose It's Official…

… I am going full-time with my startup. In a moment, I’ll tell you what it is, but in the meantime, let’s look at how I got here: At any given point I have probably a dozen half-finished and half-baked projects lying around. Some of these are business ideas, some of these are just projects […]

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Keeping Your Startup Organized

In the few days since my post on finding a co-founder I have, to my surprise, found a co-founder! It’s funny how things work out like that. My co-founder, Katherine, has actually been a friend of mine for a while. So unfortunately I don’t have any sage advice for those still on the hunt for […]


Finding a cofounder

When you’re looking to start a company, how do you find a cofounder? I have an idea I’m trying to build into a company, but need a partner on it to stay focused and keep at it. It’s just too big to do by myself. I’ve been trying to think of aquaintences on either the […]