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Finding a cofounder

When you’re looking to start a company, how do you find a cofounder?

I have an idea I’m trying to build into a company, but need a partner on it to stay focused and keep at it. It’s just too big to do by myself. I’ve been trying to think of aquaintences on either the product management side or the dev side of things who might be interested. A lot of people I know who start companies do so with former coworkers, so I started there.

Luckily, I have one former coworker who would be just fantastic to start a company with. She’s smart, motivated, and knows the market we’re going after. She was laid off from our former employer about a year ago. Of course, being as awesome as she is, she’s started her own company in the year since then (which is quite successful!) and quite understandably wants to stay with it.

Other friends, such as those at NYC Resistor, are either happy in their current jobs or already started their own companies. I’m feeling a little late to the startup party.

At the crux of my issue is the fact that I’m inherently bad at networking. This is an awful quality for an¬†entrepreneur, I know. I also know some people who are equally bad or worse who managed to find people to start a company. So what I want to know is how viagra with no prescription in britain they did it.

2 thoughts on “Finding a cofounder”

  1. If you find out, do let us all know! I’m the same way. I am abysmal at networking. I’m not socially awkward; it’s just that none of that chit-chatty social handshaking/back-slapping stuff comes easily to me. At best I can fake it for very short periods of time. But I’ve got ideas I think could be turned into very successful businesses and I’d love to know how others like me have managed to succeed.

  2. Ironically enough, the one other professional I have in my field (IT), I met in a Cisco networking course in college. So, if networking over social nets doesn’t seem to be working, try TCP/IP

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