Lego Sphere Factory

This weekend was spent at RevolvingDork’s parents’ house, which they kindly let us turn into a Lego sculpture factory. We had a total of 12 people over on Saturday attempting to make 15 Lego spheres. Each sphere is about 25cm (10ish inches) in diameter. They follow a pattern I created using Blender and the techniques/scripts […]


LEGO plans, now with better rendering

You may remember the “Legoizer” script I’ve been working on for Blender. It uses an existing script and one I’ve created to generate “layers” of LEGO patterns for building. I got a lot of great suggestions on my last entry for how to automate the process of taking a screenshot, but sadly when it came […]

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Faking Blog Integration With XMLRPC and Ruby

I’m rebuilding in RoR, but the blog will stay on WordPress. The rails app will be hosted on Heroku, and the blog will stay where it is at There’s one catch: I want the latest blog post to appear on the home page, which is part of the rails app. To do this […]



Every now and then I come across something that I can’t believe someone has taken the time to write. In this case, it’s a DOS emulator for the Nintendo DS, the DSx86. As if there weren’t enough options for extending the DS (homebrew, NES emulation), one man has taken it upon himself to write a […]


Numb3rs: "I Speak Leet"

Now I know how all my doctor friends feel watching medical dramas. I don’t know which is better, the completely incomprehensible analogy used for ¬†IRC channels, or the notion that anyone over the age of 12 uses leetspeak. Either way, I can’t wait to get back to decoding backdoors. Like you do. I had to […]

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Meta Lego Storage

In need of a way to organize and store my Lego obsession, I made a bunch of acrylic boxes which not only hold Legos, but also stack and interlock similarly: Each brick box holds 64+ of the same-shape piece. So the 1×1 box will hold 64 1×1 bricks, and the 2×2 holds 64 2×2 bricks. […]


3D Modeling by Numbers: Learn to use OpenSCAD

Want to learn to create 3D models, but find the user interface for most 3D modeling programs too infuriating? OpenSCAD may be for you! And we’re ¬†teaching a class on how to use it on Sunday, June 27! OpenSCAD is “The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeler.” Rather than learn tricky user interfaces and navigate seemingly […]

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More Legos From 3D Meshes

I’ve been doing more Lego building from models. This time I made sort of an abstract mushroom tree forest thing. More photos are available on Flickr. Here’s the original model (left) and the resulting cubeified model after running it through AddCells (right): I realized of course that with everything grey, it was very difficult to […]


Fixed: WordPress MU Uploaded Image Display Issues

Just a quick fix for something I couldn’t discount cialis without prescription find earlier: If you’re on shared hosting which has PHP’s safe_mode enabled, you may run into problems with uploading images. Specifically, you can upload images just fine (assuming you’ve configured uploads correctly) but can’t see uploaded files. This is the case on NearlyFreeSpeech.Net […]

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From Polygons to Voxels to LEGO: A Utah Teapot

It was only after hours of searching that I finally came up with what I was looking for: a way to take a polygon mesh (OBJ or similar) and convert it into a blueprint for building LEGO sculptures. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of tools out there for LEGO CAD. But strangely none […]