Welcome, Postling!

 It’s been a busy month, but unfortunately the stuff I’ve been working on has been either not very interesting, or isn’t far enough along I really have much to show. And some things are SECRET PROJECTS. I would like to take the time to congratulate Chris, Dave, and Haim for launching Postling over the weekend. Postling is a tool for businesses to manage their social networking.

I’ll have you know that the cinnamon rolls featured on their homepage were made by Chris and me. And they were quite delicious.

I’m hoping that armed with Postling I will finally get on top of social media for Tinysaur. I’m pretty active with my own, but dealing with Tinysaur has been a totally different story. Managing multiple accounts is a total pain. And I have a number of upcoming projects which will all need social media babble of their own.

Yay, Postling!

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