Woolly Tiny

Not wanting to get Tinysaur to get all the spotlight, I bring you… WOOLLY TINY. Like a Woolly Mammoth. But Tiny. The pattern comes from the epilog website and the assembly was done with a pair of tweezers and a baby syringe full of Elmer’s glue. If you’ve always wanted your own mini mammoth, or […]

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Hm it’s been a while since I’ve posted, been busy with a lot of boring, non-hacking stuff. Travesty! But here’s something vaguely interesting: Often when I’m writing a bunch of PHP I want to be able to see the MySQL queries its generating. Usually I just comment out the mysql_query() and replace it with an […]

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Lamp progress

The lamp is coming along nicely. The shades are cut from translucent white acrylic, and the stems are cut out of wood. Each shade is a 1.5″ cube. I wired them up with LEDs to test things out, and Bre lent me a camera to film them with. Now to get it to talk to […]

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Folded paper boxes

I’ve been working on learning Processing, a language which is a bastardization of Java used for drawing pretty pictures (among other things). Most of its functions are based around drawing/graphics. Processing project #1 was to generate templates to be cut on the laser cutter. Specifically paper boxes, because I needed something to package my Tinysaurs […]


New Project: Lamps

Hooray, a new project! At work it often gets very loud in my office, so everyone wears headphones. Unfortunately this makes it difficult to get someone’s attention, because they’re all rocking out to David Bowie or whatever. Also, it gets very dark in my office because we don’t have desk lamps. The solution, clearly, is […]

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Lasering Rocks

In case you were wondering “Can you laser etch rocks?” You totally can. Robo-rock was etched in raster mode at 20% speed and 100% power on a 35 watt laser. Unlike the last robo-pet I had (grass) this one should be substantially harder to kill. Related ideas we’ve come up with include etching a bunch […]

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So. Much. Laser.

Today I made EVEN MORE STUFF on the laser cutter. AND, this time I actually listed something for sale on Etsy. This is the first time in many, many months I have actually listed things for sale (excluding mindlessly hitting renew when things expire). It’s awesome to actually make things I like again. I made […]

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Laser Rings

I tried to make a tiny city on a ring. It came out OK but I’m still figuring out what scale works with what materials. Also, balsa is useless; never use it for anything. I have been using a program called QCAD to draw out the designs, and its been kinda frustrating. The documentation for […]

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Tinysaur is Tiny

First and foremost, the laser is now up and running at the hackerspace. One of Bre’s friends sent him a dinosaur pattern, and I decided that said dinosaur pattern would be more fun if it was ridiculously small. Three tries (took a while to get the scale right) and some tweezers later… TINYSAUR Here’s tinysaur […]

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Katamari Schematics

Documentation for Katamari is starting to take shape. Still getting the hang of Eagle, but the first version is ready: And the board:

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