I spent the entirety of January and February sick with a cold and didn’t do much exercise of any kind. As a result I’m not in awesome shape. I’m trying to kick start spring by getting back into the habit of running, working on my upper body strength, and continuing to take aerials classes.

Step one is to peer pressure my friends into running with me, for motivation. I started a Facebook group called the Slow Jerks Running Club. ┬áThe first rule of the slow jerks running club is you have to run slow. The goal is cardiovascular endurance, not speed, and I’m hoping we can make it a regular thing.

I’m also trying to develop habits that encourage activity. For instance: only allowing myself to watch web videos on the treadmill.

A blurry photo of my running set up

A blurry photo of my running set up

I set up a treadmill desk which allows me to use my laptop fairly easily while walking on the treadmill. It should go with out saying that you really shouldn’t run while using a laptop. But I can use the time it takes me to read my email + queue up a video to walk and warm up.

The laptop is an old one of RevolvingDork’s, sitting atop a surf shelf. I grabbed a spare plank of wood, set it across the treadmill arms, and use it to rest an Apple wireless keyboard and a Microsoft bluetooth mouse. The yellow cable is ethernet, only because the jack was right there and ┬áthe wireless adapter in the laptop was being flaky.

The laptop is set up with XBMC, and sync’d up to our central media server (yes I know I still need to write that up). So I have no excuse not to go for a run if I want to catch up on Community.

Hopefully by the time spring is in full swing I’ll be in better shape and can consider signing up for another 5K.

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