End of Bento Week 2

I haven’t posted many bento photos this week because I only packed lunches two days, and canada viagra for sale didn’t have time to photograph today’s.

I picked up a Benriner Japanese Mandolin Slicer at a Japanese market near here. It’s great for slicing veggies, but the blades are wicked sharp and the hand guard is kind of a joke. I’m a little scared to use it. I’ll probably pick up a cut resistant glove to wear when trying to slice harder veggies on the thing. It does however make nice even thickness slices of whatever you want.

I also picked up a few stacking bento boxes, a green one for me and a black one for Chris. I thought about getting him a Hello Kitty lunch box but decided against it.

This whole bento experiment has been really good for my fresh fruit and veggie consumption. Because they add color and can be chopped into whatever size I need they’re great for filling holes between bigger items. It’s also a good way to use up leftover veggies, since you’re packing in small portions of a variety of things. Overall I’m really happy with the lunches, and it’s totally worth waking up earlier to prepare.

The Japanese supermarket also had a HUGE array of rice cookers. Huge. I’ve decided that I’m allowed to have a rice cooker once I find a good home for the bread machine I have but don’t use much. Rice cookers range from cheap to insanely priced robotic controlled monstrosities. I’m looking at a mid-range one with a timer so I can leave the rice soaking overnight and have it ready when I come down in the morning.

I’m sure Chris will be STOKED to have one more gadget in the kitchen. Yeah, right.

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