Beginning PHP is back

 I’m teaching Beginning PHP again at NYC Resistor again this September, so if you’ve always wanted to learn PHP and missed the previous classes, now is your chance! The class is geared towards folks with some basic HTML knowledge, but no prior PHP experience is necessary. Occasionally folks ask if I teach any advanced PHP classes. I’ve offered a few […]

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Today the belts I ordered arrived, so sometime next week I’ll be posting my new belt buckles on Etsy and 1000 Markets. The buckles, which are still in the prototyping phase, are the same laminated-acrylic style as the Hipster Pendants I made a bit ago. Most of the belts are black/brown, but there are also some red, yellow, blue, […]

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Bloggers vs Bloggers

 Lately I’ve been really bothered by something: bloggers who call themselves journalists. I know it’s just an effort to seem a little classier than you are when someone asks "what do you do for a living," and we all do it (well, those of us with less exciting job descriptions), but reading a single article, condensing it, throwing […]


Welcome, Postling!

 It’s been a busy month, but unfortunately the stuff I’ve been working on has been either not very interesting, or isn’t far enough along I really have much to show. And some things are SECRET PROJECTS. I would like to take the time to congratulate Chris, Dave, and Haim for launching Postling over the weekend. […]

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Playing around with 3D modeling

It started when The Sims 3 came out. Rather than get The Sims 3 I decided to start playing The Sims 2 again. And then of course I needed to download new objects for it. And then I wanted to get back into making my own objects. So I spent the better half of the […]


Electronics 101

The other day I needed to build a circuit to bump 3v up to something between 3.5 and 5 for my CHDK Remote Cable hack. I looked up a handful of schematics for circuits that do this… and realized I didn’t really understand what any of them were doing. At least not well enough to […]



I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments lately, mostly for Viagra and pictures of Paris Hilton nude, but as I was cleaning out the spam filter one caught my eye. I almost wish it was a legitimate comment: Stargate Cast Member Hoax!!! These people are not even on the real set of Stargate. It […]

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The Fall of Dell

There was a time, in the mid-90s, when I really liked Dell computers. I was baffled by why someone would walk into Circuit City and buy some pre-fab underpowered peice of junk with a bunch of useless peripherals when you could just go to and get exactly what you wanted. And the idea of […]

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Learning Android (or, not)

Wednesday night some friends and I sat down armed with our G1s and laptops to write some code for Android. If you haven’t looked at Android yet, it’s got this whole Java framework you get to learn on top of your rusty Java. It’s been about two years since I even looked at any Java, […]


Getting Legit

Today was spent filling out forms, paying fees, and otherwise transforming Everything Tiny from a fly-by-night sole proprietorship to a legitimate LLC. I’ve waited until this long for a couple reasons…. for one I’m moving to New Jersey on Sunday, and it seemed stupid to set everything up in New York just to have to […]