Cupcakes by Whipped Bakeshop


I used to be very anti-wedding. Everything about weddings seemed incredibly stupid and overdone. I was pretty adamant that should I ever get legally married, I would elope.

Then I saw this cake:

The most amazing cake I have ever seen

Upon seeing the miracles of icing one can produce with a wedding cake, I revised my statement: I would be willing to get married, but ONLY if I could have the most awesome cake in the world. Though since I was single it was hardly a pressing issue.

Fast forward a few years to now, Chris and I are indeed selecting a wedding cake. And oh my are there cakey options. We went to a cake tasting where we were presented an array of cupcakes in different flavors and icings. They were all incredibly delicious but by the time I left I was done with sugar for a week.

Cupcakes by Whipped Bakeshop
Cupcakes by Whipped Bakeshop

We ended up going with Whipped Bakeshop, a cute bakery in Philly which ironically enough got its start on Etsy.

In a rare fit of restraint we decided not to go the super video game route with our wedding decor, and instead opted for a much more mild “pixel” theme.

I realize Mrs Manners does not approve of “themes” at weddings. She believes the “theme” is marriage. And while I do take the teachings of Mrs Manners to heart, I’m letting this one slide. Mrs Manners will not be attending my wedding. Plus, we’re not including any of the tree-killing reply cards she so hates in our invitations. Clearly that’s what the custom wedding reservation CMS I’ve written is for.

Come on now, really, how could you have two web developers get married without one?

Here’s the sketch of our cake, I’m pretty excited to see it in person:
Cake Sketch

Not only does it look awesome, but it will be made of THREE different flavors (each on a different tier): chocolate, lemon, and carrot ginger.

3 thoughts on “Cake!”

  1. badass! love the square tiers…and the blue and green (but you and Chris should know why!). Our cake was actually a medieval horoscope of the moment we said “I do,” but since most moderns don’t know what that looks like, they just thought it was a fancy cake with flowers on it. Little did they know that the flowers were in strategic places! 😉

  2. You could store several pixels of cake your supposed to freeze for your first-year anniversary at NYCR…and you won’t have to worry at all about stale cake a year from now…nom nom nom…

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