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Spelling Fail

Here’s a short reminder in why you should have someone else proofread your marketing copy. Because after staring at the design for hours, you’re probably going to miss things. Important things. Large things.
One of these things
Like the fact that you’ve misspelled the word “Butterfly” on all your packaging. Note that the yellow “actual size” sticker version (with the typo) is the 2nd generation of this packaging… the first had a green sticker. Meaning I managed to print off two batches of these typographically challenged babies before Chris said to me, “you know, butterfly is spelled wrong.”

I’m glad my boyfriend can read, even if I can’t.

2 thoughts on “Spelling Fail”

  1. Go for sickenly cute and call them flutterby’s and any spelling mistakes then aren’t as particularly pressing since your being goofy anyway?

  2. I realize this comment is coming along very late, but if it’s any consolation I wanted to let you know that my husband recorded an entire album, designed packaging, had multiple people proofread and still ended up misspelling his own URL on the screen printed CD itself. All 500 of them.

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