Hundreds of LEGO bricks

I’m in need of many, many LEGO bricks for what is currently a SECRET project.

This week I went to the LEGO store in Paramus, NJ. It was a bit of a let down, and not really worth the hour of fighting traffic it took to get there. They didn’t have any big tubs o’ bricks, just kits, and their pick-a-brick selection was pretty limited (I was looking for 1×2 bricks).

What I DID find was an amazing resource, Brick Link. Bricklink is like eBay for LEGO bricks. You can find pretty much any size/shape/color. Their interface is a little clunky, without integrated shipping or payment, but it gets the job done.

I ordered roughly 700 red LEGO bricks for $40, most of which was the cost of shipping. It’s marginally cheaper than the cost per brick of a big tub, but I was able to hand select the colors and shapes that I wanted.

More details when I get the LEGO bricks in…

3 thoughts on “Hundreds of LEGO bricks”

  1. I have a friend who swears by getting legos from goodwill auctions. (

    I guess they regularly sell multi-pound grab bags… the only catch is that you really don’t know what you’re getting.. and shipping for 10+ pounds of lego bricks is probably rather expensive in and of itself.

    Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t mention this… it might drive up prices for my husband, who’s also into Legos…..


  2. Very few people do… that’s one of the reasons I think my buddy likes buying his from there.

    Apparently, one of the things Goodwill does is have people knowlegable on expensive items that can generally sell for more on auction than they would get at a store itself and put those items aside. I guess enough people donate designer handbags and such to make it worthwhile.

    Not surprisingly, Legos count as one of those types of items.


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