Couch to 5k Week 2

This week I mixed my own Couch to 5k track. Rather than just slap the vocal cues onto a mix, I picked songs that fit the tempo and length of each run/walk segment. The result is interesting, although it sacrifices musical flow in a few places. It’s difficult to find songs that are exactly 1.5 and 2 minutes long, so some of them are cut short in places.

The track list:
Me First and the Gimme Gimmies – Tomorrow
K’s Choice – Paradise in Me
Screeching Weasel – Totally
Men Without Hats – Safety Dance
The 5,6,7,8’s – Woo Hoo
The Smiths – Girlfriend in a Coma
Supernova – Vitamins
The Beatles – Elanor Rigby
Freezepop – Brain Power
Amelie Soundtrack – La Noyee
Q and Not U – Little Sparkee
REM – Stand
Katamari – Overture II

You can download it here (Warning: the file is about 35 meg).

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