Hipster Jewelry

Yesterday afternoon I was struck by a desire to make some big acrylic jewelry. For hipsters. Using stereotypical hipster things like deer and owls. Something which would provide instant gratification.

Hipster Jewelry DeerHipster Jewelry Woman

Two hours later I had these two pendants, cut from acrylic plastic on the laser. Each pendant is two layers, one black and one white, glued together. Each one is about 2.5 inches in the longest direction. Chris’s response to them was “I thought they’d be bigger.”

I’ve listed them for sale on Etsy and 1000 Markets under the title “Hipster Jewelry.” Chris suggested that this might be a bad idea, as hipsters notoriously hate hipsters. I pointed out that they LOVE irony. He wasn’t sure they’d be up for meta-irony.

My mother asked what a hipster was, and why I would make jewelry for them. It’s hard to explain what a hipster is to someone who has never had an occasion to interact with them. Or why they have such overbearing self loathing. I told her it is a deroggatory term for people who try to be a certain type of trendy. As for why I made the jewelry – it was just sort of a wild hare. One that I could easily satisfy.

2 thoughts on “Hipster Jewelry”

  1. I think your ‘wild hare’ will pay off. I can see college kids wearing these as MORE than just pendants!! I also see it’s gonna be in how you string it and your colors but, there’s no reason this shouldn’t appeal to ALL ages!! 🙂

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