Mechanical Embroidery Machine

Also at the Berlin Tech Museum was a punch tape driven embroidery machine. The Tech Museum has a ton of industrial textile equipment as part of their permanent collection. The machines are completely mechincal, as far as I can tell no electricity is required.

Punchtape embroidery machinePunchtape embroidery machine

Sadly I couln’t read the German placquard explaining more about it, and couldn’t find much info online. I got a snapshot of the name plate so I’d at least know what it was called.

Wurker Automat

If anyone knows more about these machines I’d love to hear it.

3 thoughts on “Mechanical Embroidery Machine

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  2. Josef Knecht says:

    The automatic embroidery machine was invented by Franz Josef Gahlert and Max Bretschneider in the 1920s, and was produced by the Company Würker in Dresden.

    The Inventors obtained a US-Patent in 1929 (US1707263A) – so if you want to find out how it works or build your own, you can download the fulltext here:

    Anyway – embroidery machines are pretty awesome. If jacquard-looms were the first raster graphics devices, then this machine is the mother of scalable vector graphics :-)

  3. Hugo says:

    This person, Carl H. Würker has got some patents, all related with the same subject, that you can find at Google Patents.
    This one is interesting:,M1
    and related.
    Don’t know if it’s the same Würker…

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