Bento #10: Turkey Sandwich Maki

Today is another day for experimental foods. We have:

  • Carrots
  • Orange wedges
  • Pita
  • Laughing Cow cheese wedge
  • Turkey sandwich maki (what?!)

Once a week or so I make fresh rice and freeze it, and today was the day so I wanted to make use of the fresh rice on hand. Using Soy Wraps instead of nori I made maki with sliced turkey, american cheese, and cucumbers. If I'd had more turkey sandwich veggies on hand I'd have used them too. Sprouts seem like they'd be good.

I also attemtped to make banana maki (not pictured) with a soy wrapper, rice, and banana. It came out pretty bland, so next time I may mix purchase viagra in australia some peanut butter up with the rice before rolling it.


Bento #3: Rushed Bento

This morning, about an hour before Chris usually leaves, I asked what time he was headed into the office. “About now,” he replied. Suddenly my plans of edamame, gyoza, and more heart shaped rice flew out the window. “It’s ok, you can pack a lunch tomorrow,” he said.

NONSENSE! I jumped to my feet and, viagra prescriptions in only slightly more than the time it took for him to sync his ipod, put together this lunch:

Bento #3: Last Minute Bento

  • Turkey sandwich wrap (turkey, cheese, baby spinach)
  • Naval orange
  • brownie
  • baby spinach for garnish (it looked kind of sad without it)

It’s not very densely packed, so it may be a little on the small side. If not a full lunch, it’ll at least be a nice snack.