Another work weekend

We spent the weekend working on the house again, but it didn’t feel nearly as satisfying as last week’s kitchen demo. The big adventure for the weekend was taking a load of debris to the dump. The local transfer center and garbage collectors won’t take bulky trash like ours, so we drove it to the […]

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Oh Fancy Custom Cabinet Doors

One of the things you can do to class up an Ikea kitchen is to spring for non-Ikea doors. There are a couple companies that do this, most notably SemiHandmade and Scherrs. I’ve had my eye on some beadboard panel doors: As far as default IKEA options go the only one I’m even vaguely into are […]

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Demolition Weekend

This weekend seven of us descended upon the shore house to rip out the kitchen and begin prepping the walls for paint. Take a good look at this picture of the kitchen, because it’s the last you’ll see of it! First we removed all the appliances and put them in the living room. I was […]

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Kitchen Design First Draft

The first draft of the kitchen layout came in tonight. It’s a start, but there’s definitely some stuff I want to change (and a few things I realize I forgot to tell the designer). The coloring is all mine, it came to me black and white. I totally forgot to tell them we plan to […]


Paint Colors

I spent a while tonight trying to pick paint colors using the Sherwin Williams tool, which served us well before. It’s harder with this place though. I love bright bold colors but the rooms down the shore are so small that it could easily feel overwhelming. The furniture is also much more mis-matched hand-me-downs so […]


Asbestos for everyone!

It’s cheap, lasts forever, fireproof, what more could you want from a miracle material? – My dad, on asbestos I knew this going in, but oh god nothing is ever easy with home repairs. Let’s start with what we knew going into this: the house is covered in asbestos. Literally. It has asbestos siding, but […]

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The Shore House is Ours! (With Photo Tour)

It’s official, we are now the proud owners of a shore house next door to my in-laws! Closing took a while. Aside from the usual shenanigans we had to sign 30 pages worth of affidavits saying that we were not various other people who share our names and owe many other people lots of money. […]


Crazy Ideas

So planning a kitchen is exciting stuff, which is good because dealing with structural problems is pretty boring (but also expensive). But today I’m taking a break from the real world of home improvement and diving into insane(ly cool) stuff. Because I need a break from researching gas installation and hot water heaters. Here’s 3 […]

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Cooking with gas

I feel like I spent half the day on the phone today. A bunch of it was getting the utilities set up down the shore. The best part of the process was getting transferred to 3 different people at the water department, only to finally learn that the water bill transfers automatically with the deed. The house […]

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Kitchen! Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen!

We’re still a week out from closing on the house, but due to the timing of the Ikea kitchen sale (now) I’m trying to line up as much as I can so we can hit the ground running and take advantage of the sale. If you remember from the huge to-do list the kitchen currently […]