Seven Holiday Knitting Ideas


It’s holiday gift knitting time! Picking patterns for holiday knitting is the most fun. I love holiday knitting because it gives me an excuse to try out patterns I wouldn’t normally make for myself. Sure, I may have spent Christmas morning blocking the sweater vest I made my sister-in-law, but the race to finish is part of the charm!

Here are seven great patterns / projects for holiday knitting. They’re fun to make, fun to get, and won’t take you until next Spring.

A close up of the rainbow that is Kauni EQPaintbox Scarf

This dramatic scarf only uses two different colorways! Effektgarn has a slow, subtle color shift that runs the length of the project. Knit Picks Chroma Fingering is a good option if Effektgarn is out of your budget.

The scarf is doubleknit, meaning it’s actually two fabrics knit back to back at the same time. It’s a great option if you’re ready to move on from plain stockinette stitch scarves.

Chadwick the Shakespearian Caterpillar

Can I tell you a secret? Babies have enough hats. I have a giant box of baby hats which Bitmap is steadily growing out of. Speaking of outgrowing things, the booties I knit her were too small for her about a week after birth. Toys, on the other hand, require no sizing!

This pattern is great because you can use up any odds n’ ends of yarn you may have lying around. It uses about 250 yards of any weight. Also it’s super cute.

Snowflake Fingerless Gloves

 Snowflake Fingerless Gloves

Color choices make this pattern easy to customize for the recipient. I knit it in just three colors, but pattern supports up to seven different colors (at once!). It also looks nice if you use one varigated or self-striping yarn and one solid color.

I used this pattern to teach myself fair isle. It’s nice because it’s worked in the round and there aren’t any crazy long floats across the back.

Entrelac Hat

Entrelac Cap

Entrelac is a knitting stitch that looks much more complicated than it is, and is a great use for varigated yarns. The hat in the picture was knit using just one ball of Chroma Worsted and a few yards of dark grey wool for the band.

Hats are great for gifting because the sizing is very forgiving. If you’re sick of scarves, try a hat!

Padraig Driving Cap

Finding interesting things to knit the men in your life can be really challenging. There are only so many ribbed beanies you can knit before you’re suffering from massive knitting boredom. Thankfully, driving caps are here to save you!

I can’t help but notice almost all the men on Ravelry wearing this hat have beards. So if you’ve got a bearded gentleman in your life, this hat is for him.

Gentlemens Socks 0Gentleman’s Sock with Lozenge Pattern

If a driving cap is still too adventurous for your XY friend, Lisa at Hidden River Yarns has an old standby: dark socks and a bottle of scotch. Socks are great holiday knitting because they’re small enough to fit in any project bag. If you’re worried about losing track of your double-points on the airplane, try the magic loop method. This pattern comes from Knitting Vintage Socks, which has a number of dad-safe patterns to try out.

 Monster Fish Coin Pocket

These are another great option for using up project leftovers. Knit up a bunch and chuck a whole school of them in the washing machine to felt. They’re meant to be coin purses, but there’s no reason you can’t hide whatever you like inside them.


I confess, I’m holding out on you all: I didn’t include any of the patterns I’m knitting for holiday gifts this year. As most of the recipients read my blog, I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. I’ll do a post-holiday round up of my Christmas knitting.

What are you knitting for loved ones this season?