Cinnamon Rolls of Doom

We make these when we’re afraid we’re not getting enough fat and sugar in our diets. Or when we want to make doubly sure we’re well on our way to type 2 diabetes.

My mother found this cinnamon bun recipe a few years ago, which uses nearly 3 cups of butter and 5.5 cups of sugar for 12-15 rolls. In short, these are terrible for you. But delicious.

First, you make a sugary, buttery dough, roll it into a slab, and cover it in sugar, butter, and cinnamon.


Then you roll it into a log and slice it into 12 to 15 pieces of even width. The sharper the knife, the better your results.


Then you fill a pan with melted butter and place the raw cinnamon rolls in the buttery bath.

Raw rolls

Our pan was maybe a little too small.

Post baking

While they’re still hot, slather them with the frosting you made while they baked. Frosting is, of course, made up of two things: butter and sugar.

Now with Frosting!

Then you invite all your friends over to eat them! That way you can all become morbidly obese together.