Sweet Classes at NYCR

Right now there is a super sweet list of classes coming up at NYCR, so many I wish I had the time to take them all.

I’m teaching my standby Intro to PHP class again, and also trying out a new one: Designing with QCAD. QCAD is used for 2D drawing, and is 50mg viagra retail price a great tool for designing things to be laser cut.

Aside from what I’m teaching there’s a DIY Vacuum Form class coming up this weekend, and a Hacking Classic Nintendo Games class I’ll sadly be missing due to Thanksgiving. Soldering 101 has been merged with Arudino 101, bringing you a class which teaches you to solder AND make things!

Overall I’m really excited and hope the classes are well attended. We’ll see how badly the holidays screw up everyone’s schedule. Stupid holidays.

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