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edit: thanks everyone who submitted photos, the post is now up here!

I want to write an article on how to improve your photos, but I feel like it would be a little self serving to just throw up pictures of my own work, take better photographs, and tell you how great I am now.

So if you’re an Etsy seller (or any other online marketplace) drop me a comment with a link to your shop, and I will tell you what sucks about your photos, but in a constructive way! Because I’ll tell you how to fix it too. This is my way of appearing philanthropic while actually just telling other people what to do.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But Kellbot, your shop photos look incredibly mediocre. Why should we listen to anything you say?” And before pointing out that Roger Ebert hasn’t made any good films lately, I will show you proof that at one point, when I was less lazy, I did in fact take good photos of my work:

Haiku Bracelet

Fred: Closed

Now, I was in art school at the time, so I went for the Official Art School Gradient Effect. I suggest you avoid this in your product photos unless you are in fact selling high end art. Frankly it just looks silly on Amy Butler fabric purses.

So leave a comment with a link to your shop, or email me at if you’re shy. C’mon, send me your bad photos! I promise I won’t be too mean to them.

8 thoughts on “Send Me Your Awful Photos”

  1. My shop is just about empty, but you can pick it apart if you want; I know the the lighting is pretty horrible.

  2. One of the reasons I list so sparsely is feeling that my photos are mediocre – improving, yet still not showing product as I’d like. Constructive criticism would be welcome. Between my husband and myself we have 3 etsy shops: is my main place is my destash shop plus more crafty items that I don’t want to mix with the hats is the husband’s jewelry and a bit of mine

    All photos challenge me, but the jewelry is by far the hardest to present well. Getting things to look accurate while still showing the beauty of the item.

    Thanks so much for consideration. Best wishes with the article.

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