Mechanical Embroidery Machine

Also at the Berlin Tech Museum was a punch tape driven embroidery machine. The Tech Museum has a ton of industrial textile equipment as part of their permanent collection. The machines are completely mechincal, as far as I can tell no electricity is required.

Punchtape embroidery machinePunchtape embroidery machine

Sadly I couln’t read the German placquard explaining more about it, and couldn’t find much info online. I got a snapshot of the name plate so I’d at least know what it was called.

Wurker Automat

If anyone knows more about these machines I’d love to hear it.

5 thoughts on “Mechanical Embroidery Machine”

  1. The automatic embroidery machine was invented by Franz Josef Gahlert and Max Bretschneider in the 1920s, and was produced by the Company Würker in Dresden.

    The Inventors obtained a US-Patent in 1929 (US1707263A) – so if you want to find out how it works or build your own, you can download the fulltext here:

    Anyway – embroidery machines are pretty awesome. If jacquard-looms were the first raster graphics devices, then this machine is the mother of scalable vector graphics 🙂

  2. I own such a 3-Head Wuerker Embroidery Machine. The machine is all
    original and is in working condition. The machine is not on sale.

  3. Hallo, ich habe eine automatische Stickmaschine, aber ich weiß nicht, aus welchem ​​Jahr sie stammt. Ich kann Fotos senden. im Allgemeinen werde ich es verkaufen, aber ich weiß nicht für wie viel?

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