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Geek Chic Dining Table

One of our big purchases when we finally closed on our house (besides, uh, the house) was a proper dining room table. We’d been using a folding table from Ikea, and had fallen in love with the gaming tables from Geek Chic at PAX East. We ordered an Emissary table in January and were told they had about a 12 month backlog. Today we got some “baby photos” of our table from the builders!

Cut wood pieces

The table has a drop surface for playing tabletop games…
…And leaves so you can easily take a break for dinner.
There are also 6 drawers for storing character sheets, dice, etc.

It’s scheduled for delivery in early September, and we’re pretty excited.

1 thought on “Geek Chic Dining Table”

  1. Ok, so I’ve been creepin’ your blog for about a year now. I found it while researching our IKEA kitchen reno, and realized that you’re basically my spirit animal.

    Your posts on hacking together a phone with google and this post speak to my nerdy little heart. You are just the coolest, and next time we’re in the city, we’re totally gonna get some ice cream at your shop. You’re living all of the dreams!

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